About Us

Meet The People of Finishing Touch

Welcome! My name is Chris Grumbling and I am the owner and home renovations and restoration contractor of Finishing Touch Carpentry.

It is my desire for anyone visiting our website to realize that when you choose Finishing Touch Carpentry, you are getting the complete package because I bring to your home 25 years of consistent, dedicated carpentry experience in all facets of the building industry.

Several years ago, I realized that there was going to be a shift away from new construction, placing more emphasis on remodeling and refurbishing existing homes.

The fact is – you probably like where you live. Maybe you have a great location; however, your kitchen may be outdated, the bathroom too small, the floors in need of repair, the windows weathered, or you would love a sunroom! Maybe for years you’ve wanted to add some modern amenities to your 1960’s rancher. Or, due to land availability decreasing, you’ve had to purchase an existing home that needs some work to make it your own.

My passion is in the remodel.

Taking the old and making it like new, making it spring back to life, making it sing!

When you choose Finishing Touch Carpentry, you will gain all of my focused attention, skill, and experience. I will be the one on your job with my crew, running the project, guiding you through each phase to completion.

Professionalism is paramount because my clients deserve the best and my crew is equipped to deliver.

My question to you is this: “What potential does your home have?”

Allow me to share my passion with you in imagining, designing, and creating your dream home.


It has been the commitment of Finishing Touch Carpentry to work with stellar subcontractors for every project. Twenty-five years of experience has afforded us prime selection within the pool of trade professionals in our surrounding area.

In addition to demonstrating a solid skill set in their respective trades, professionals embrace the Finishing Touch Carpentry philosophy, striving to make your home renovation project the custom creation you desire. Whether it is refinishing, refreshing, restoring, rebuilding – you can feel confident that our crew of professionals are committed to the process of making your home BEAUTIFUL!