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Services Offered By Finishing Touch Carpentry

Finishing Touch Carpentry, depending on the needs of each project, chooses various vendors. We are in the business of selling successful projects and we have a selection of notable vendors at our disposal, including: Hajoca, To The Trades, Marvin Windows, and GR Mitchell Home Supply, among others.

Finishing Touch Carpentry is a remodeling contractor who strives to consistently serve those with a desire to make their homes and/or establishments better. Our skill and expertise is such that we devote our time and resources to full-scale projects in order to efficiently and competently provide the best end-product possible. For this reason, we prefer to work with clients who are serious about the remodeling possibilities in their homes.

Historic Building Window Restorations

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Home Remodeling

Your home is where you and your family take time off to unwind and relax. With years of experience in this ever-evolving industry, Finishing Touch Carpentry will bring countless options and viable ideas to make your home the sanctuary you deserve.

From repurposing existing space to the addition, we analyze what you desire to create. What is your need: more space, reorganization, repurposing, or refreshing? One of the benefits that comes with years of experience is the ability to bid a project with precision. As contractor, Finishing Touch Carpentry will diligently work with the budget you provide to bring customized results you will enjoy for years to come.

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Kitchen remodeling can be a daunting idea, but Finishing Touch Carpentry wants to help ease the pain. As an experienced kitchen remodeler, Chris and his team will walk with you every step of the way, from soup to nuts!

Many say the kitchen is the Gathering Place. A place where life happens, conversations begin, and memories are born. Imagine if you could create the space that imprints your family’s memories. From refreshing your existing space to a full makeover, Chris’s passion has always been the kitchen. Other clients will tell you that as a remodeling contractor, Chris has a unique ability to see a space, hear your desires, and create a design that will exceed your expectations.

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Have you ever spent the night in a luxurious hotel? Remember the pampering you may have received in the “spa-esque” bathroom – the rain shower, the elaborate tile, the pristine fixtures, mirrors, custom lighting…all the trimmings that make one feel relaxed and rejuvenated? Wouldn’t you love to enjoy this every night? Mr. K and his wife from the Lancaster area have said this, “We are so glad that we went with the spa-package and full tile shower!” We can make your bathroom the retreat of your dreams!

As experienced bathroom remodelers, the Finishing Touch Carpentry team can make your bathroom the retreat of your dreams!

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Mouldings: Crown & more

Just as jewelry pops a basic wardrobe ensemble, detailed trim-work takes the simple to sensational. Custom trim can change the look of any room.

Imagine 4-piece crown in the living room, chair-rail in the bedrooms or hall, decorative panels in the foyer, or beaded board in the powder room. How about a fireplace with a custom mantel painted hunter green with ebony glazing! Options are endless. Being able to see the potential in a space is one of Chris’s unique talents as a carpenter. At Finishing Touch Carpentry, you will have at your disposal the design experience necessary to make your dream home a reality.

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Custom Staircases

Is your staircase old, outdated or in need of repair? Many don’t realize the “WOW” factor in simply altering the look of the stairway.

We invite you to dream! For example, imagine replacing wooden spindles with iron? Beautiful! With our expertise, we can design a staircase that sets a room apart!

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Consider how a simple flooring upgrade can freshen the look of the room you are in right now. Have you been considering changing the flooring in your home?

Our floors tend to show the wear and tear long before the bones of the house hint at its age. Altering the flooring is like a shock to the home: a fresh start… a second chance – out with the old and in with the new! Finishing Touch Carpentry has at its disposal limitless flooring selections through qualified vendors and installation experience to complete any upgrade you could possibly choose.

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Windows have the power to make any home stand out. Imagine how upgrading, changing, adding, or customizing one or several windows could flood your home with warmth and light.

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What can be more welcoming than a magnificent front door that says, “Come in and stay awhile.” The options for customizing your entrance way are limitless and we can help you choose the best option.

At Finishing Touch Carpentry, we utilize a unique and stringent standard of installation specifications that sets us apart. Through years of experience we have developed a specialized process consisting of five lines of defense to battle water and air infiltration for both door and window installation. We believe that as much effort should be put into the things you don’t see as is in the things you do.

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