Historic Window Restoration

Historic Window Replacement Services

Windows have the power to make any home stand out! Just imagine how upgrading, changing, adding, or customizing one window or several windows could flood your home, or historic building, with warmth and light.

Our Finishing Touch Carpentry team has extensive experience in window installation, whether it is replacement or refurbishing – we can enhance your space.

Our scope of expertise ranges from assisting homeowners in creating a dreamy sunroom extending into their garden to historic window restorations, including various buildings at F&M college, Lancaster Newspapers, The Hershey Community Building and Theatre, York Martin Library Brownstone and the Historic East Side in Lancaster County.

Our brand of choice for window installation, replacement or refurbishing, is Marvin Windows. They are a family business, which is built on a code of old-fashioned honesty and hard work, which are qualities we also embody at Finishing Touch Carpentry.

We consider our customers as partners in success, so we consistently go above and beyond what you would expect from your traditional contractor.

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